Just Launched! — Greater Control Over Attached Files and Mockups
August 8, 2018

Just Launched! — Greater Control Over Attached Files and Mockups

by Jessica Groff

“Which file do you want me to look at first? Is this the latest mockup?” The last thing you want when collaborating with your team is uncertainty. And no one wants to waste time hunting for files or wondering which version to use. There must be a better way.

Aha! provides a single place to manage all of your product information. It is easy to define your features and attach files to any record type, page, or comment.

Previously, attachments were displayed in a thumbnail view, presented in the order they were uploaded. This is a great way to preview image files, but it is not so helpful when you need to organize multiple attachments in a specific order.

You can now reorder your file and mockup attachments in Aha! using a new list view.

Here is how the new functionality works:

View files in a list view

Attached files can now be displayed in a list. You can use this new view on features, requirements, to-dos, comments, and anywhere else throughout Aha! where files can be attached. As you collaborate with the team and share designs and documents, you can easily locate attachments by type, name, and date added.

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Attached files show a thumbnail preview or an icon showing the file type.

Reorder files to the desired position

Sometimes, files need to be presented in a specific sequence. For example, when defining a new user flow with the UX team. The ability to reorder files attached to the feature — regardless of how or when they were initially attached — ensures that mockups are presented in the correct order.

Drag to organize files — the new order will be saved for all users.

Well organized product information is the key to effective collaboration.

So, the next time someone asks which file they should look at — you will have the perfect answer: “Start with the first one in the list.”

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Jessica Groff

Jessica Groff

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