May 25, 2018 release notes


  • Ideas portals have been updated to support requirements for GDPR. A portal user's personally identifiable information can now be removed from ideas portals via the Delete user button:

    • If the portal user has not voted on ideas, submitted ideas, or commented on ideas, the user will be deleted entirely.

    • If the portal user has voted, submitted, or commented, all personally identifiable information for that user will be removed while retaining their previously submitted content.

  • It is now possible to report on the ideas portal URL via the Idea submitted portal URL field.


  • When a card on the features board was configured to display the feature's assignee and the assignee was set to the default, the field displayed Unassigned rather than the default assignee's name.

  • When creating a new feature within master features via the Create feature + Add another button, feature type templates failed to automatically load.

  • Files attached via an idea's custom notes field were not carried over to features, even though a matching custom field existed for the feature.

  • When integrations 2.0 for Jira was configured to map an initiative's time frame, sending to Jira failed if the time frame field was blank.

  • An issue with the master features API prevented users from retrieving custom table (many-to-many) custom field data for a record.

  • Templates for integrations 2.0 for TFS did not update their child templates when new authentication credentials were provided.

  • When pivot table columns were configured to sort by date, an error prevented the date from sorting correctly.

  • Custom user fields displayed incorrectly when presented in pivot table headers or custom tables.

  • Exporting a pivot report to Excel resulted in first row headers merging into a single cell.

  • An error prevented users from customizing feature cards on the features board in Firefox.

  • The starter roadmap did not work properly in the latest version of Firefox.

  • Some users experienced an issue updating strategic model components.

  • An error prevented Administrators from downgrading user permissions in bulk.

  • Some users experienced issues loading the releases page.

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