September 28, 2018 release notes



  • Aha! notebook slides can now be easily copied and pasted within the same notebook or from one notebook to another.

    • Windows users: Control+C to copy, Control+V to paste.

    • Mac users: Command+C to copy, Command+V to paste.

  • The goal details page has been updated to display only the initiatives, releases, master features, and features that are directly linked to that goal. Previously, the details page also displayed any features linked to initiatives associated with that goal.

  • The experience for creating new initiatives, master features, features, and ideas has been redesigned so that it is now easier to create multiple records.

  • Instant search has been added to the features board and can be used to search all visible data on a feature card.


  • The following fixes apply to integrations 2.0:

    • Jira integrations syncing comments to Aha! were incorrectly presenting a generic "created in Jira" attribution rather than specific information about the author.

    • An error prevented updating a Jira integration's password credentials if the integration had previously been based on a template.

    • An unhelpful error message displayed when an unreachable server URL was provided during integration setup for Jira.

    • Clicking the Reload configuration button on the Trello integration Mappings page produced an error.

    • An error prevented the Jira via Connect integration from sending some time tracking events.

    • The Jira via Connect integration did not correctly load a project's board list.

  • When a feature containing logged work was moved from one release to another, the burndown chart for the original release was not correctly updated. This has been fixed so that both releases accurately reflect the change.

  • When a custom Aha! scorecard's values were used as columns in a pivot report, they did not display correctly.

  • In some instances, changes made to editable choice list custom fields were not saved correctly.

  • Slack integrations configured to send all fields were not sending notifications for description fields.

  • The Desk.com integration has been removed because Salesforce is retiring product.

  • In some instances, images in notebook slides were cut off on PDF export.

  • When bulk editing ideas, it was possible to move ideas to product lines.

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