May 18, 2018 release notes



  • Ideas portals have been updated to support requirements for GDPR:

    • Portals now include an option to request consent during portal signup. This is useful if you want to use the portal users’ names and email addresses outside of Aha! for any reason.

    • A default privacy statement is now included on all portal registration pages.

  • It is now possible to bulk edit Aha! users from the Settings Account Billing Users page:

    • Product permissions can now be updated in bulk.

    • Paid seat group memberships can also be assigned in bulk (Enterprise+ feature).

  • Enterprise+ customers now have the ability to configure custom automatic logout settings via the Settings Account Security and single sign-on page.

  • The Goals and Initiatives time frame dropdowns now display archived time frames.


  • The parking lot show/hide preferences were not maintained when switching to the master features view on the Features board.

  • When a large hierarchy report was shared in a web version of a Notebook, the page did not scroll correctly.

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