February 9, 2018 release notes


  • PDF export has been enhanced so that roadmaps can be printed to a single page and digital copies contain a higher resolution.

  • Date fields within custom tables can now be used as milestones and durations in custom roadmaps.

  • When importing issues via integrations 2.0 for Jira, the "Aha! Reference" field is now synced with Jira.

  • It's now possible to report on when an initiative was created via the "Initiative create date" field.

  • Attachments added to comments can now be renamed before the comment is saved.

  • Reviewers can now create ideas from Slack using the appropriate /aha command.

  • When importing new users or portal users via CSV, there is now an option to choose whether or not to send an email to the new users.

  • Manually linking an Aha! record to a Jira issue now clears import candidates for that Jira record preventing the potential of creating duplicate records.


  • An error caused some users with many releases and features to experience an error when accessing the "Settings Account Configure feature types, statuses, and workflows" page.

  • When mapping custom feature type values in Aha! to a custom field in Jira, updates from Jira were not properly reflected in Aha!

  • When importing new ideas via CSV, the "Feature ID" field was not appropriately linking new ideas to existing features.

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