June 1, 2018 release notes



  • The Import from Trello page was updated to include better instructions for how to export a Trello board.

  • Requirements now present their creation date alongside their creator.

  • Record and description history modals now load faster.


  • The Duo two-factor authentication screen was not properly presenting setup buttons for new users, which caused some users to get stuck in the authentication process.

  • When a pivot report contained an empty predefined custom field within a custom table, the field presented an erroneous link rather than a blank value.

  • When adding data to a number field in a custom table, the configured "suffix" was not consistently added to the field.

  • Cloning an idea form layout resulted in a duplicate layout with identical custom fields but in random order.

  • An error caused numbers custom fields with non-US separators to get truncated.

  • The customizations tour that presents to new users disappeared after step 2.

  • Strategic vision component name fields did not wrap correctly.

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