June 22, 2018 release notes



  • When moving features within a release, hover states were intermittently not detecting that a user was dragging a feature to the top or bottom drop areas.

  • Pagination of a user's activity within My profile was redirecting to the user's defined home page.

  • The GitLab integration was limiting integrations to ones owned by the integration user. It is now possible to integrate with any GitLab project the integration user is a member of.

  • When moving features between releases, the estimation was not being removed from the previous release's burndown chart.

  • When navigation has been customized for a product, the top-level navigation will now direct the user to the first-enabled, secondary-level navigation tab option.

  • When updating release and feature settings on the features roadmap, the roadmap was not updating as per the changed settings even after a page refresh.

  • When updating release settings on the master features roadmap, the roadmap was not updating automatically.

  • When saving a report or roadmap, the view was not refreshing immediately so that additional changes could be made.

  • When shipping a master release the Ship release modal was not being displayed.

  • In some cases, reloading configurations for Integration 2.0 integrations would not complete.

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