December 14, 2018 release notes


  • You can now customize the modal that appears when you add new products, goals, initiatives, releases, ideas, master features, features, and requirements. Check out our support article for more information on how to set up your custom layouts.

  • The Edit User modal has a new search bar that returns products with instant results to help administrators locate products and user permissions more easily. The modal also has a new option to View products with set permissions, which lets administrators view only the products that have permissions set for the selected user.


  • The ability to import from UserVoice has been updated to use UserVoice's Version 2 API for improved performance when importing large UserVoice forums.

  • An improvement on the My work page has made to-do record links open the sliding drawer instead of bringing users to a new page.

  • Numbered and bulleted lists in Aha! notebooks have been improved to wrap text with a small indent for list items that exceed one line of text.

  • The master feature dropdown that appears when using bulk edit on a list report now sorts alphabetically within products.

  • The CA Agile Central (Rally) integration (1.0) has been updated to use CA Agile Central's new API URL endpoints.


  • An issue with the Jira integration (2.0) was causing multi-select list values from Jira to appear in Aha! in an unexpected way. The values now appear as a comma-separated list.

  • The Asana integration (2.0) was not properly handling missing email addresses for Asana users when the integration mapped to a user field.

  • An issue with notebooks was preventing users from deleting notebook slides that contained views that had been deleted.

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