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My Name Is Jeanette Resnikoff — This is Why I Joined Aha!
July 31, 2020

My Name Is Jeanette Resnikoff — This is Why I Joined Aha!

What makes an artist great? I had an opportunity to study some of the greats when I attended a magnet school for visual arts in junior high. I also created all kinds of art. I liked drawing the most and captured the world around me — people, movement, still life. I loved the challenge of bringing a three-dimensional perspective to a two-dimensional format. And in the process, I learned what makes an artist great. It is the ability to bring a unique point of view to your work.

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The 6 Best New Aha! Features
June 17, 2020

The 6 Best New Aha! Features

Together apart. With so many teams working from home, laying out exactly what you want to accomplish and why has never been more important. A strong plan keeps everyone moving in the same direction. Over the past few months, many of you have told us how Aha! keeps your team focused and connected.

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