November 16, 2018 release notes


  • You can now add Aha! views directly to notebooks from within each slide. In the past, you needed to navigate away from your notebook and then back to the view that you wanted to add. No more — now you can stay in the presentation.


  • Ideas portals that are configured as submit-only can now be set up with single sign-on. (See our support articles on JWT and SAML 2.0 for more information).

  • The latest version of Google Chrome attempts to autocomplete Aha! date fields. We now prevent the autocomplete menu from appearing over the calendar popup.


  • The following fixes apply to Integrations 2.0 for GitHub Enterprise and GitHub.com:

    • In some instances, issues in GitHub were incorrectly interpreted as master features.

    • The Enable status labels setting was not being properly applied when an enabled integration deselected this setting.

  • The following fixes apply to Integrations 2.0 for Jira:

    • In some instances, issues containing special characters appeared incorrectly when synced from Jira to Aha!

    • Importing issues from Jira containing incomplete sprint data failed in some instances.

    • In some situations, unnecessary communication markup appeared when importing new records from Jira.

    • In some situations, an issue caused comments to not be properly sent from Aha! to Jira.

  • In some situations, custom terminology was not being properly displayed on the bulk edit tool.

  • A number of usability fixes were made on the starter roadmap. Issues related to the edit menu, the sliding drawer, and the placement of dates on the roadmap have been resolved.

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