October 12, 2018 release notes



  • It is now possible to filter ideas by the number votes they have received and when the votes are created via the new Number of votes and Vote created date filters.

  • When editing or creating a product line, the Products in product line field now supports search and presents the account's product hierarchy.

  • On the features board, instant search can now be activated by selecting Command+F or Control+F on your keyboard.


  • When an issue was closed and then reopened in GitHub, the integration was not processing webhook notifications for the issue. This has been corrected so that it now processes the notifications for reopened issues.

  • The Click here to add another option was not correctly opening the new initiative modal when creating the product's first initiative.

  • The Import from Trello page no longer checks if there is an existing Trello integration and attempts to link imported records.

  • Changes were not always saved when unselecting the Weekly summary email option from the Product Users page.

  • Changing a feature's status to "Will not implement" did not remove the work remaining from the release's capacity.

  • In some instances, releases associated with master releases were not sorting correctly on the Releases Overview page.

  • An issue caused some newly added notebook slides to be placed in a random location after being reordered.

  • In some instances, custom predefined choice list filters were not correctly displaying their settings.

  • In some instances, importing users via CSV failed when the product prefix was lowercase.

  • An error prevented custom number fields from saving correctly in Firefox.

  • When bulk editing ideas, the product selector would not always load.

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