September 7, 2018 release notes


  • With the newly redesigned My work page, you can now see all releases, master features, features, requirements, to-dos, and ideas that are assigned to you (or others) in one view.


  • In some instances, changes to records linked with an integration synced too quickly, which created the potential for overwritten data. The sync interval has now been adjusted to reduce this possibility.

  • When the features board is filtered to show specific releases, the filter will now automatically update when a new release is created.

  • Changing an initiative's time frame will now trigger an integration update if the initiative is linked with an integration record.

  • When a record is created with an attachment, the attachment is now shown in the activity stream for that record.

  • Reports can now be filtered by the type of product their records are located in via the new Product type filter.

  • It is now possible to report on workflow status changes for goals and initiatives.

  • Users with any administrator-level privileges can now manage notebooks.


  • When a public comment on an idea was edited by a different user shortly after it was created, the activity stream inaccurately reported the editing user as the creator. This has been improved so that two logs are now reported.

  • When viewing a requirement drawer (from the Notification or My work pages), the workflow transition buttons were not successfully transitioning the requirement's status.

  • GitHub integrations configured to map features to issues and requirements to task lists continued to experience errors when sending to GitHub.

  • Idea category descriptions incorrectly appeared to allow attaching mockups and attachments in the list view. These options are no longer presented.

  • When reordering products within a product line, the ordering was lost when the product line was collapsed and then expanded again.

  • When filtering by workflow type on the Configure feature types, statuses, and workflows page, the results were not filtered.

  • When bulk editing features, it was not possible to link them with goals that were higher up in the product hierarchy.

  • Deleting a report from the Reports dashboard incorrectly navigated users to the deleted report.

  • An issue prevented ideas reports sorted by Created by user to sort alphabetically.

  • The Create mockups button was not working in Firefox browsers.

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