April 20, 2018 release notes


  • Integrations 2.0 for Rally now supports syncing estimates on epics and user stories.

    • Please note: the Reload configuration button must be selected in order for these new fields to appear in the integrations mapping section.


  • Integrations 2.0 for Rally now supports syncing of the following custom fields:

    • Dropdown list

    • Dropdown list (multi-select)

    • Dropdown list (user)

  • It is now possible to manually update linked records when a new field mapping has been added to an existing 2.0 integration. This is done via the Update records button on the last step of the integration setup.

  • User permissions have been updated so that only Product Owners can manage time frames for their products; previously, it was also possible for Contributors to manage this.

  • When a record is ignored in the Import new records tab of the Integration updates modal, it will no longer re-appear when an update is made to that record.

  • GitHub integration messaging has been improved for scenarios where webhook activity should be ignored.

  • Copying a feature from the feature details page now automatically redirects users to the copied feature.

  • Reports with View only permissions can now be copied via the Save as menu option.

  • Product prefixes are now displayed when linking goals or initiatives to a record.


  • The remaining effort capacity field previously only displayed a value when work had been logged on the record. There are some integration scenarios where this field should present a value even when work is not logged. This field now displays the "remaining estimate" value when no work has been logged.

  • When creating a new custom field for ideas, the Use in layouts section only presented custom ideas layouts; this behavior has been corrected to present ideas, ideas forms, and ideas portals layouts.

  • When a features workflow board was added to a Notebook, the last status in the workflow appeared underneath the first status, rather than as its own column on the far right of the page.

  • When a pivot report was customized to use swimlanes for first row headers, this customization did not display properly in exported Notebooks for some users.

  • An issue prevented Notebooks with many reports from being deleted, which subsequently prevented users from deleting a saved view referenced in that Notebook.

  • When a user signed in via SSO and the identity provider passed an email address different than what was stored in Aha!, the user was unable to log in.

  • An error with the Custom Pivots API caused cells to point to the wrong parent record, which caused cells to show up in the wrong place in Aha!

  • Editing or replacing a tag on the Settings Account Configure tags page inappropriately cleared any search results the user had applied.

  • For users using digest or browser-only notification settings, incoming notifications would get marked as read before they were viewed.

  • In some instances, pivot report headers did not display correctly when they were customized to use swimlanes for first row headers.

  • An issue caused integrations 2.0 for Jira to occasionally fail to correctly determine whether or not a Jira field was required.

  • Starring an attachment in private comments on an idea did not add the attachment to the idea record-level attachments.

  • An issue prevented integrations 2.0 for Rally configured to map Rally records with Aha! initiatives from sending.

  • Error messages for failed login attempts to ideas portals did not appear until users had successfully logged into the portal.

  • When exporting a diagram report with many data points to PDF or image, some records were cut off from the export.

  • Applying certain filters to the features board or feature details page produced a duplicate filter menu on the screen.

  • The saved views All filter did not correctly display views that the logged in user had created.

  • An error prevented some Jira integrations from syncing the original Estimate field correctly.

  • An error prevented users with Reviewer permissions from accessing the reports dashboard.

  • It was not possible to remove completed initiatives or releases from the diagram report.

  • The Features API provided an incorrect example for updating a feature.

  • Some pivot tables shared via web Notebooks did not scroll correctly.

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