June 29, 2018 release notes




  • The following fixes apply to integrations 2.0 for GitHub:

    • An unhelpful error message presented when an issue's assignee failed to be set. A user must be a collaborator on the GitHub repository and their Aha! email must match their GitHub public profile in order for assignee to be set.

    • In some instances, users could not configure the integration to map to the appropriate repository after upgrading from 1.0.

  • An error prevented some users from updating an idea's creator to the appropriate portal user.

  • In some instances, cloning a release failed for products using a custom release workflow.

  • Burndown charts were not correctly reflecting a record's work performed on date.

  • An error prevented some attachments from sending to Microsoft VSTS records.

  • Saved dependency reports were not visible on the Reports Dashboard page.

  • Pivot reports configured to sort by multiple rows were not sorting correctly.

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