Just Launched! — Advanced Reporting Filter for Your Product Roadmap Data
October 10, 2018

Just Launched! — Advanced Reporting Filter for Your Product Roadmap Data

by Jessica Groff

Much ado about nothing. The name of this famous Shakespeare play is an ideal fit for today’s announcement. Why? Because we are giving you the ability to filter on nothing. And it is worth making a big deal about because it lets you instantly find missing product data in your plans. So you can create the report you need — fast.

You can now use the new “Is blank” reporting filter to find Aha! records with missing information.

You could already use filters on roadmaps and reports in Aha! to show the most relevant information. Advanced options let you include or exclude records using ALL, ANY, and NONE filter logic. With our latest enhancement, you can now identify records with missing information. This makes it easier to fill in the gaps or exclude records with incomplete data from your report.

Here are a few ways you can use the new reporting filter:

Find initiatives without goals

Create a strategy roadmap to see how major product initiatives contribute to overarching business goals. Use the new filter to identify initiatives that do not link to a goal, and then fill in the missing information. This lets you quickly find and fix any gaps in your strategy, so you can be confident everything ties together.

Strategic Initiatives example

Customize your strategy roadmap to show goals and color bars by initiative.

Review uncategorized ideas

Categorizing ideas helps you organize customer feedback, identify themes, and decide where to focus. However, when you have hundreds — or even thousands — of ideas to review each week, it is easy for some to slip through uncategorized. The “Is blank” filter lets you instantly see which ideas require your attention.

Filter ideas that have an empty category field.

Exclude features without a due date

You can also use the “Is blank” filter to exclude records with missing data. This lets you show only the most relevant information in your reports. For example, the pivot table below excludes features without a due date — so you can focus on the ones that are scheduled for delivery.

Exclude features without a due date

Advanced filtering allows you to apply “None” logic to exclude records with blank fields.

Now you can spend less time hunting for missing data and more time moving your product strategy forward.

The next time you build a report, use the new filter to audit your data and instantly identify any gaps. What are you waiting for? Go get busy.

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Jessica Groff

Jessica Groff

Jessica was a product marketing manager at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software.

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