Sync sprints between Aha! and Jira (integrations 2.0)

Aha! is designed to help product teams manage all their day-to-day activities. When thinking about integrating Aha! and Jira, the recommendation is that Aha! comes first in the process. You plan features and releases in Aha! and then send the planned work to your development team in Jira. The integration keeps the data in both systems in sync.

With the Aha! integration with Jira, product teams in Aha! are able to take their planning a step further and sync sprints between Aha! and Jira. This is great for teams practicing scrum that wish to visualize what overall release a feature will be delivered in as well as which sprint the feature will actually be developed in.

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How it works

The integration with the Jira sprint field allows Aha! users to map a custom field in Aha! to the sprint field in Jira. To configure the integration mapping, follow these steps:

  1. Create a custom field to capture sprint information in Aha! using a tags field or editable choice list. You will need to be an Aha! account administrator with customization permissions to perform this step.

  2. Go to Settings → Worksheet and edit your integration configuration. You will need to be a product owner to perform this step.

  3. On the Select Jira project page, you will need to select a Jira board you wish to map to. This will be the board that sprints created in Aha! and sent to Jira will be created in.

    Note: Sprints from other boards within Jira can still sync to Aha! from Jira.

  4. With the board selected, update your integration field mappings to link the new custom sprint field with the Active sprint field in Jira. If you are updating an existing integration, you will also want to use the Update records functionality to sync the sprint information into Aha! after completing the field mapping.

Support - Sync sprints between Aha! and Jira (integrations 2.0) - inline image

The integration can be configured as a two-way field mapping, where changes to the sprint in Jira will sync back to Aha! and changes to the sprint in Aha! will sync back to Jira.

If your development team controls which sprint a feature is in, we recommend you set the field mapping to be a one-way, Jira-to-Aha! mapping to prevent any accidents happening where someone in Aha! changes the sprint value.

If the field mapping is set to be two way, entering the name of a sprint in Aha! that does not exist in Jira will result in a new sprint being created on the Jira board that you connect to through your integration configuration. Similarly, if a sprint name is entered in Aha! and a sprint already exists with that name, the record will be placed into the existing sprint instead of creating a new sprint with a duplicate name.

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