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Diagram bold new concepts

Use seamlessly integrated whiteboards to sketch, model, and design early-stage product work

Bring new ideas to life

Use your creativity to explore the unknown. Aha! Whiteboards provides a visual space to take your ideas from rough sketches to fully formed concepts. Build beautiful diagrams using intuitive drawing functionality or choose from a library of templates for strategy, planning, research, workflows, and more. And because whiteboards are included in all Aha! products — Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, and Aha! Knowledge — you can rapidly ideate at every stage of product development.

Start the creative process

Collaborate with the team

Harness the power of a collaborative team. Share whiteboards with your teammates to refine concepts, solve problems, and uncover opportunities together. You can collaborate asynchronously or in real time. Make meetings — such as brainstorming sessions and retrospectives — more interactive. Colorful sticky notes provide an easy way to add thoughts and visualize next steps. You can also embed whiteboards in feature descriptions so everyone can agree on the desired user experience before development gets underway.

Achieve more together

Add key concepts to your roadmap

Move seamlessly from idea to action. Aha! Whiteboards gives product builders a purpose-built tool to explore, refine, and share early-stage work. Then, turn those bold new concepts into reality with Aha! Roadmaps. Instantly convert whiteboard details into initiatives, ideas, epics, and features — so you can move seamlessly from ideation to implementation. This approach helps you keep an innovation mindset as you explore ways to deliver better solutions to customers.

Accelerate product value

Having whiteboards available within Aha! software helps us consolidate our product development tools and bring all of our planning into one environment.

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Use Aha! Whiteboards as a standalone tool or as a seamlessly integrated part of Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, or Aha! Knowledge

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Top capabilities for whiteboarding

Think visually

Build diagrams using objects, images, text, and connectors to visualize anything from user flows to internal processes and organizational structures.

Kickstart your creativity

Get going quickly with our growing library of whiteboard templates. Structure your ideas with a mind map, pros and cons table, SWOT analysis, or 2x2 prioritization matrix.

Bring concepts to life

Create personal or shared whiteboards. You can first capture and refine your thoughts — sharing your whiteboard with your teammates when you are ready.

Work side by side

Collaborate on the same whiteboard asynchronously or in real time. Exchange ideas, generate discussion, and explore possible solutions together.

Organize your thoughts

Express your thoughts with colorful sticky notes. Group them into themes, stamp emojis to upvote, and evaluate which suggestions are worth pursuing.

Go straight to your roadmap

Bring early-stage work into your planning process. Instantly convert the text on your whiteboard into actionable Aha! records.

Provide greater context

Clearly communicate what you need to accomplish by adding whiteboards to features, epics, initiatives, and notes.

Best practices to get the most out of whiteboards