Lead with conviction

Set the best product strategy — one that delivers real value to customers and the business

Get clear on “why”

Great products are the result of having a clear vision. No matter whether you are a new company or one with a large portfolio, you need to know where you are headed any why. Aha! Roadmaps provides a central place to research customers needs, assess market forces, and define business opportunities. These elements are the foundation of your strategy — so you can build software that makes a difference in the lives of real people and drives business growth.

Set your product strategy

Take a goal-first approach

Define what you want to achieve and how you will get there. Follow a top-down approach that starts with overall business goals and set supporting strategies at every level of your company. Use the flexible workspace hierarchy in Aha! Roadmaps to represent the way your organization is structured and create relationships between goals and initiatives at each level. This establishes a goal-first framework that guides all the investment decisions the team makes.

Build a framework for success

Create transparency

Turn your strategy into a visual roadmap that aligns the entire organization around the timing and prioritization of work. Link goals and initiatives to detailed work in Aha! Roadmaps — including ideas, epics, and features — to show how everything ties together. This creates a "red thread of strategy" throughout your product development plans that explains the why behind the work and gives everyone a clear purpose. It also make it easy to monitor progress and quickly report on critical business metrics.

Create a strategic roadmap

Aha! provides a complete picture across our entire portfolio. We can quickly access product information at any level and see how it ties to the overall strategy.

Michael Morris

Director of Global Product Management, Experian

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Top capabilities for strategic planning

Set a bold vision

Create a vision of where you want to be in the future. Use carefully-crafted templates to articulate your value proposition, positioning, and business model.

Analyze the market

Profile your key competitors. Then visualize the overall market landscape to see how you stack up. Personas help you visualize who your buyers are so you can drive customer value.

Define business goals

Establish clear objectives with measurable results. Tie business goals to initiatives — so everyone on the product development team knows what they need to accomplish and the timeframe.

Create a unified plan for accomplishing your initiatives. Define releases and prioritize epics and features that best support your strategy and connect everything together.

Set budgets and track ROI

Manage your strategic investments. Estimate revenue, costs, and projected business value so you can make better-informed decisions and measure impact in a meaningful way.

Create a strategic roadmap

Communicate your product strategy. Build a visual timeline that highlights critical business milestones, deliverables, and dependencies.

Track key results

Automatically calculate progress based on the percentage of work completed. Build product reports and create a shared dashboard to monitor real-time progress.