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Aha! Develop has several ways to help you transition your data from your existing tool as you get started. Each method can help you in different parts of your journey.

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Try: pull just a few tasks over

It helps to see your own data when trialing a new product. You can use importers in Aha! Develop to pull work from other systems into your backlog, sprint, or workflow board. Importers do not change any data in the other system, so you can import records into Aha! Develop without worry.

You could also take this opportunity to clean out your backlog. Import records that matter into Aha! Develop — and say goodbye to the rest.


Commit: migrate an entire backlog

Once you have decided to move forward with Aha! Develop, you may want to migrate your existing backlog.

The quickest method is to import your backlog via CSV.

  • Export your data from your existing tool

  • Use our CSV import tool to upload your data into Aha! Develop.

Aha! Roadmaps users have an additional option. Our developer tool integrations can bulk import work from other systems — complete with attachments and rich text formatting. This process is more involved, but gives you fine-grained control of how to map data from your existing tool into Aha! Develop.


Finalize: transition to Aha! Develop

Even if your team is set on Aha! Develop, it can take time for the broader organization to update their processes. Even after you have migrated into Aha! Develop, you may continue to get additional work assigned to you in your previous agile development tool.

Use an importer to pull individual records into Aha! Develop while your organization learns the new process. To do this, navigate to either Plans Sprint planning or one of the Work Board pages. Open the Import view in the sidebar to pull work into your backlog, a sprint, or directly onto your workflow board.

You can help your organization transition by customizing your importer (or building your own!). For example, you could update the extension so that it closes the issue and links to to Aha! Develop when a record is imported.


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