December 20, 2019 terms of service update

We are updating our Terms of Service on January 1, 2020 to add new language required under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and to clarify certain obligations.

The following sections cover the details of the changes.

CCPA language

Section 3.3 contains two new sentences required under CCPA Section 1798.140. They establish that Aha! and any sub processors that Aha! uses are “service providers” as defined under the CCPA. This means that they may only use your personal information to provide the services you have requested. As service providers, Aha! (and any subprocessors) cannot sell or use your personal information for any other purposes. You should know that Aha! has always followed these principles and protected your personal information. We are making this update to comply with the CCPA requirement.


Clarifying language

The definition of "Service" in Section 1 has been expanded to include any training or consulting offered by Aha!

The first sentence of Section 6.1 has been reworded to state Net 15 payment terms (which we have always had). The second sentence has replaced “due” with “overdue” to clarify the grace period following the failure to pay Subscription Charges. Section 17 has been updated to clarify that all procedural and substantive California law applies to the interpretation of the Terms of Service as well as to any claims or disputes that arise out of them.


Please send any questions about these pending changes to support@aha.io.

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