February 15, 2019 release notes


  • This week, two new features have been added to our integration with Google Analytics.

    • You can now choose the six metrics that will appear on your records for each measurement in the Engagements drawer.

    • A new set of date selection options has been added to help you define an exact time frame for your measurements.

  • Microsoft has rebranded Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS). These products are now called Azure DevOps Services and Azure DevOps Server. The Aha! application and support site has been updated to reflect the new brand identities for these products.

  • Last week, we added reference IDs for goals and initiatives. This week, you can begin using them throughout the Aha! application in the text editor by typing a # symbol followed by the goal or initiative reference ID (e.g. Goals: APP-G-123, Initiatives: APP-S-123).


  • When promoting an idea to a feature, master feature, or initiative, custom worksheet fields were not copying over to the new record.

  • The Add data button on charts was redirecting users from the chart to a pivot table. Now the user will remain on the chart as data is added to the report.

  • An issue with the import data from CSV feature was preventing users from importing data into custom tables.

  • An issue with the history modal was preventing users from seeing multiple pages of history for their records.

  • An issue with the features board was causing the board to scroll to the top of the page when any value changed on a feature.

  • The Export users option on the User permissions page was not displaying accurate permissions for each user in the export.

  • An issue was preventing users from deleting custom table many to many field values from master releases.

  • An issue with notebook views was preventing some notebooks from displaying their embedded views.

  • An issue with the Jira integration (2.0) was causing an error when sending records from Aha! containing a field that was mapped to a custom date/time field in Jira.

  • An issue with the GitHub integration (2.0) was preventing Aha! from processing updates to GitHub milestones.

  • An issue with the GitHub integration (2.0) was causing milestone creation to fail when sending an Aha! record type that had been mapped to a GitHub milestone.

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