February 1, 2019 release notes


  • You can now configure an expanded or collapsed card view and toggle between the two using the calendar. This enhancement gives you more control with collapsed cards for a high-level view and expanded cards to see all of the details. You can also customize the information that is shown on each card — such as assignee, status, tags, and even an image.


  • Error messaging has been improved for users who try to create features when no releases are available. The new error message will say, "You must create a release or parking lot before you can create a feature for this product."

  • The CA Agile Central (Rally) 2.0 integration has been improved to prevent misaligned dates based on Rally's time zone conversion behavior.


  • An issue was causing analytics reports based on ideas portal users to incorrectly sort usernames on the Vote created by column.

  • Analytics reports based on ideas portal users will now include the email domains of Aha! users instead of only those who have ideas portal accounts.

  • An issue with the Jira 2.0 integration was causing aggregate estimate fields from Jira to not update appropriately in Aha! when an estimate was entered at the issue level.

  • An issue with custom Aha! scorecards was causing any unscored metrics to display zero in analytics reports when the default value defined on the scorecard was not zero.

  • The features board releases filter was inaccurately stating "Releases: All" in situations where releases that were selected in the filter were deleted.

  • When you move a master feature from one release to another, you are asked if you want to move non-shipped features along with it. If you choose to move non-shipped features, all features were being moved to the new release, including features that had already shipped.

  • Analytics reports were not properly sorting reports on release phase date columns.

  • An issue with the Jira 2.0 integration caused aggregate estimates to not update properly in Aha! when an issue’s subtask was created with an estimate.

  • In some instances, an issue was preventing the ability to save updates to the field order for custom tables.

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