Just Launched! — Enhanced Calendar to Visualize Activities
January 30, 2019

Just Launched! — Enhanced Calendar to Visualize Activities

by Jessica Groff

Product and marketing teams love calendars. Why? Because we need date-driven schedules to plan and organize everything we do — releases, content, advertising, events, and programs. Calendars are the linchpin, helping us prioritize the important work and keep the chaos in check.

Calendars are particularly powerful for marketing teams. And recently, we introduced Aha! for Marketing. It is purpose-built software that helps marketers set strategy, build visual plans, and report on program results. We have been thrilled by the positive initial feedback and are already busy making enhancements with marketers in mind — starting with the calendar.

You can now configure an expanded or collapsed card view and toggle between the two.

Marketing calendars are a powerful way for teams to plan ahead and manage key dates. You can choose from six calendar views in Aha! for Marketing — including activities, campaigns, schedules. These templates are useful for when you want to quickly visualize exactly what will be delivered and when.

This enhancement gives you more control with collapsed cards for a high-level view and expanded cards to see all of the details. You can also customize the information that is shown on each card — such as assignee, status, tags, and even an image.

Here are a few ways marketing teams use calendars to plan and manage programs:

Plan your upcoming content Content programs should have a specific cadence — so you can deliver a consistent story to customers. Create a strategic editorial calendar where each blog post, white paper, and case study builds upon the next. Drag and drop activities directly on the calendar to reorder your content activities for optimal storytelling and flow.

Visualize key dates in one place You need a consolidated view of all your marketing activities to deliver exceptional marketing programs. Combine your content, digital, and product marketing calendars to see exactly what will be delivered and when. In the example below, we toggle to the collapsed card view to see the schedule for the upcoming month.

Share with the team Add your calendar to a notebook so you can share it with cross-functional teams (including non-Aha! for Marketing users) via a PDF or secure web page. You can even control how each view is updated — choose between live view, a view that you can refresh to show the latest, or a snapshot in time.

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Add your calendars to a notebook presentation in Aha! for Marketing.

Track tasks Beyond strategic planning, you can use calendars to track tactical work. Use the to-dos calendar view to see tasks assigned across the team. To-dos are shown as cards on the calendar. Each one has a color-coded bar to indicate status. Completed to-dos are green, upcoming are gray, and overdue are red.

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View your own upcoming to-dos by setting the assignee filter to yourself.

Plan and visualize your marketing activities in a beautiful calendar — and say goodbye to uncertainty.

Watch this video to learn more about Aha! for Marketing — and discover the new way to plan and launch exceptional programs. And learn more about adding marketing workspaces to an existing Aha! account.

Sign up for a free Aha! for Marketing trial — be happy Calendars are available to all Aha! customers. If you are not already a customer, you may want to sign up for a free 30-day trial or join a live demo to see why more than 250,000 users trust Aha! to set brilliant strategy, capture customer ideas, create visual roadmaps, and manage breakthrough marketing programs.

Jessica Groff

Jessica Groff

Jessica was a product marketing manager at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software.

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