July 19, 2019 release notes


This week, we added the ability to integrate with Rally milestones. In Rally, milestones are used for tracking work that is part of a significant event — this event could be anything from a code deployment, to a customer demo, to a tradeshow, etc.

If you are currently using our Rally integration, you can now map target dates from Rally milestones with key dates in Aha! to keep everyone up to date with the latest schedule.


  • Reminder email notifications for to-dos have been improved with a new button to View all assigned work. When you click the link, you are taken to the My work page.

  • Pivot report filtering has been improved for custom persona fields. When you filter a pivot report by a custom persona field, only the records that you selected in the filter will appear as row headers on the report.

  • To simplify the process of setting up an ideas portal, the Settings Account Configure portals Products in this ideas portal setting now includes a search bar for users to quickly select the products that apply to this portal.

  • We have made small name changes to the Views menu, the reports drawer, and the Save view modal. Also, the layout of the reports drawer has been reorganized.

  • Now you can use typeahead search to find custom table records where the first field in the table is a dropdown field.

  • You can now use the overall score from a custom scorecard field within a custom worksheet field calculation.

  • The optional label has been removed from the Description field in the Add a new idea modal on ideas portals. This makes the field consistent with other non-required fields on the form.

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