June 28, 2019 release notes


  • This week, we added the ability to comment on images and mockups. You can now have threaded conversations about specific parts of a design image for precise, focused, effective collaboration.


  • The default color scheme for pivot tables is grayscale. If you prefer the look of our previous default theme, which uses shades of blue, open the Customize view modal and select Blue from the Theme dropdown.

  • We introduced submenus in text editor toolbars, so that in narrow windows — such as custom note fields in the right side bar, or comments on images — the text editor toolbars will still be fully accessible to you.

  • The competitors page will now load more quickly for accounts with a large number of products.

  • We improved the performance of the hierarchy report.

  • You can now include a link to your company's Aha! onboarding best practices alongside the Aha! quick start guide for new users on your account.


  • An issue was preventing the calendar icon from opening the date selector tool tip.

  • An issue was causing the autoplay presentation option for notebooks to progress through the notebook at an inconsistent rate.

  • An issue was preventing the evaluation of worksheets using a record path together with the min and max functions, e.g. min(self.features[].start_date).

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