March 17, 2017 release notes


  • The Views dropdown control launched this week provides instant access to suggested charts, reports, and roadmaps based on the data being viewed on the current page. We refer to this new feature as Related views. This update also includes an upgrade to our Saved views capability to help you more easily find the data you are looking for.

    • What you need to know about Related views

      • Related views are dynamically generated based on the product data you are viewing, providing additional ways to help you visualize and analyze your roadmap data.

      • Additional visualizations are provided via roadmaps, charts, list, pivot, hierarchy, and diagram reports.

      • Filters that are applied to the current view will apply to the related view so that you can visualize the exact same data but in a different format.

    • What you need to know about Saved views

      • The new Saved views modal has all views organized by three tabs - All, My views, and Shared views.

      • You can now search and sort saved views to easily find exactly what you are looking for.

      • The Edit, Save, and + New report buttons are now displayed on the top left of the page.

      • Example reports are accessible via the + New report button.

      • Saved views will be exclusive to the page they were saved on meaning if a report was saved as a Reports - List view, it will only be found when you are on the Reports - List page. Previously, saved report views were visible on the Saved views dropdown of each report type regardless of the page and format in which it was saved.



  • Save as functionality for reports was not saving the working copy of changes.

  • Changing filter values in a Reports - List view was not triggering the Save button to appear, thus preventing one from saving the view with the applied filtered changes.

  • A webhook error was occurring that prevented the Aha! status from flowing back to GitHub and GitLab Issues when mapping Aha! requirements to issues and having status labels enabled.

  • GitHub callbacks were not updating features whose issue number was shadowed by a release.

  • Making date changes to release phases with dependencies on the Releases - Detail view was resulting in unusual behavior where dates were not updating properly.

  • Selecting the +Create Record button in Product - Custom tables allowed you to enter alphanumeric characters in numbers only fields and then saved the value as zero. This has been updated to ensure number enforcement upon entering the data.

  • Viewing old versions of notebooks was displaying an error screen.

  • The notebook title page was incorrectly displaying scrollbars when not required or appropriate.

  • Drag and drop layout issues were impacting the Business model builder on IE11.

  • Apostrophes on chart titles were causing rendering issues.

  • A permissions error was preventing Account Administrators from deleting or taking over notebooks if they were also a contributor on the notebook.

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