September 22, 2017 release notes


  • Users can now type values into scorecard metric selections instead of dragging the slider. This is particularly valuable for selecting exact values when there is a large range available. To type a value in the scorecard, just double click the value in the slider box to update.

  • A new Used in products section has been added to the custom fields edit modal. This lists the products and product lines that use the custom field based on the active custom field layout configurations. This update allows administrators to see which products will be affected by changes made to an existing custom field.

  • GitLab Integration now displays the full repository name so it is easier for users to identify the specific project they need when folders are named consistently across groups.

  • Release start date is now an available field for sorting pivot reports.


  • Scorecards were getting cut off in some cases due to screen size constraints.

  • Dropbox file integration was not allowing files to attach to records in some cases.

  • The pivot report List unique records selection was not working when customized to show cell headers causing duplicate values to appear in some cases.

  • Custom date field values that had been removed by the "x" were still displaying on the details fly over until the page had been refreshed making it unclear if the date deletion was successful.

  • Initiatives that had been removed from the feature detail fly over were not being updated and removed from the corresponding feature card.

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