June 30, 2017 release notes


  • Enterprise+ customers now have greater control over how employees at their company can access Notebooks. Enhanced notebook security options allow account administrators to set a notebook security standard across the account or allow per-notebook options for sharing access with Aha! users or other employees through notebook SSO with SAML 2.0. To access these new settings as an Enterprise+ customer, navigate to Settings Account Security and single-sign-on.

  • A copy link button has been added to the feature record drawer to allow users to easily copy the feature link without having to navigate to the specific Details. To copy, just click on the link icon button in the upper right of the record drawer next to the Actions dropdown.

  • Custom record-type fields (i.e. related personas, competitors, etc.) are now available for bulk edit on feature and idea lists.


  • Legends have been added to all exports of pivot tables and custom roadmaps showing the values each color on the report represents. This includes exports to image, PDF, or adding the report to a Notebook.


  • Custom field value updates for persona-type fields were not displaying in reports in some cases.

  • Custom field options for initiative-type fields were not displaying the appropriate scope of options based on the selected product line filter.

  • Features synced with Trello were duplicating record attachments from Aha! in Trello after each record update was sent.

  • The iframe URL was removed from web notebooks when we implemented performance improvements. It is now available again for users who would like to embed single notebook pages.

  • Feature estimates could not be set to "0" (when set for time units) if the feature start and end dates were populated.

  • Master feature start and end date changes were displaying a permission error instead of reactively updating based on related record changes when viewing and updating certain roadmap reports.

  • Updates made to custom fields on the requirement level were not triggering record update syncs to JIRA in some cases.

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