July 21, 2017 release notes


  • Release templates can now be customized even more by adding to-do's within release phases. To add a new release template, navigate to Settings Product Release phases and milestones. To add to-do's to a release template, simply click the + icon next to To-dos in the Add/Edit Release Phase modal window. To-do's can also be automatically assigned from the template. However, assignees will not receive notifications until the release template is used and a specific due date has been added to the to-do.


  • When a user attempts to delete a release with features, the error message now lists the remaining features and master features. This ensures users are aware what items need to be removed before successfully delete a release. A common scenario where this is particularly valuable is if a user has unknowingly disabled master features without deleting all existing master feature records.

  • Ideas can now be promoted to master features via API.


  • Initiatives from archived timeframes were displaying in some roadmaps even if they were not explicitly included in filters.

  • Standard date fields on releases were not formatted consistently when exported to CSV from a List table report.

  • Dropdown fields on import from JIRA were not populated with options in some cases.

  • User permission management modal was not displaying correctly in some browsers.

  • Text area fields previously displayed "%" around styled text when synced through the JIRA integration.

  • When creating a new hierarchy report, the product filter selections were removed when additional data objects were added to the report.

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