November 10, 2017 release notes


  • The user interface for features linked with ideas has been cleaned up to make it easier to read, especially where multiple ideas are linked to a feature.

  • On the features roadmap, the "Features" label will now be hidden by default for releases without features.

  • When attaching images to Aha! Notebook cover pages, images used in the inline description will no longer also appear as thumbnails at the bottom of the cover page.

  • When linking a feature to an initiative from a feature card, the drop down no longer pre-populates with the first available initiative; additionally, initiatives in this drop-down are now sorted alphabetically.

  • "Release year" is now a reportable field.


  • Idea history was not properly reflecting what happened when a user changed the number of votes applied to an idea.

  • The Products API was returning duplicate product entries for some products.

  • When editing custom fields for master features, the modal incorrectly read "epics" instead of "master features."

  • When managing custom tags at the account level, some tags were not allowing users to replace them.

  • It was not possible to create mockups using Internet Explorer 11.

  • Mockups created in Edge were not editable.

  • Mockup thumbnails were not correctly displaying in Safari.

  • SAML configurations with x509SerialNumbers larger than 32-bit integers were failing validation.

  • When customizing a pivot report to color by the users custom field type, the customization was not applied when the custom field was placed in the report's rows or columns.

  • From the releases overview, it was possible to click and drag a feature to a master release's release phase, which consequently removed the feature from its product's feature board.

  • Starter roadmaps were not presenting correctly in notebooks.

  • Idea status changes were not properly reflected in Salesforce for some workflow statuses.

  • When filtering reports by tags, some reports would return no data once the tag was cleared.

  • When creating a feature, it was impossible to save a mockup before the feature was saved.

  • Pivot tables were not correctly sorting by tags when the "Show cell headers" setting was enabled.

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