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Command extension contributions run in the context of the browser using the permissions of the user who initiated the command.

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A command is a piece of code that runs in response to a user action like a keyboard shortcut or clicking a button. Command contributions can be invoked from within a view, but they can also be used from the Command Window. The command window is displayed by clicking the Search button and selecting the Commands tab or by using the > keyboard shortcut.

Commands can prompt the user for additional input using the aha.commandPrompt API.



aha.on("addLink", async ({ record }, { identifier, settings }) => {
const prUrl = await aha.commandPrompt("Link URL", {
placeholder: "Enter the URL to a pull request",

if (!validPrUrl(prUrl)) {
throw new Error("Please enter a valid pull request URL");

await withGitHubApi(async (api) => {
const pullRequest = await getPrByUrl(api, prUrl);
await linkPullRequestToRecord(pullRequest, record);
  • record — for a command triggered from a record, this is a model object representing the record.

  • identifier — set to the string identifier of the extension.

  • settings — the settings for the extension as a JSON object.


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