Aha! Knowledge | Getting started

Welcome to Aha! Knowledge — the AI-powered product information hub. Aha! Knowledge empowers you to:

  • Centralize product information so internal teams and customers can easily access the resources they need to be successful.

  • Quickly set up internal wikis and knowledge bases to make important product information readily available.

  • Co-create compelling documents and control who can view, edit, and contribute information — streamlining your document management process.

If you are just getting started, welcome! Use this article for a quick tour of the product, and please contact Customer Success if you have any questions. We do not have any salespeople here, just product experts who respond super fast.

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Build an internal product wiki

Create an internal repository for all of your product information. Start with a workspace. Then, add documents to present the information you need to share — such as product requirements documents, product launch plans, customer research, and user stories.

An internal product wiki for Fredwin Cycling

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Build a new product wiki

Add a new workspace to your account. Create documents and organize them into folders and document hierarchies. Import documents from Confluence and link out to documents to gather information from any external source in one place.

Create better documentation

Use notes to draft research summaries, meeting notes, and product requirements. Use whiteboards to create flowcharts and diagrams.

Standardize my documentation

Start with one of 100+ purpose-built templates in the Aha! template library. Or create your own custom templates (Aha! Knowledge Advanced) to foster consistency across your organization.

Control who can edit documents in my product wiki

Configure your user permissions to give contributor access to your workspace to collaborators. Give Edit access to users with reviewer access on a per-document basis.


Publish a product knowledge base

Empower customers to access self-serve resources — publish your documentation to a knowledge base site. Create as many sites as you need for different products and audiences.

Fredwin Cycling product knowledge base

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Publish a knowledge base

Select any folder in your workspace and access its Share menu to publish it as a website (Aha! Knowledge Advanced).

Add custom branding to my knowledge base

Access your Knowledge base settings. Then upload a logo and add a custom brand color (Aha! Knowledge Advanced).


Work faster with AI

Save time and increase documentation quality. Use AI to streamline and improve document creation — so you can get information to your intended audience, fast.

AI - generated titles in a document

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Quickly draft an article sharing best practices with my team

Click the wand icon and prompt the AI writing assistant. Tell it what you are writing, what the main points are, and the tone you want it to convey. You can edit the AI draft when it is complete.

Summarize a paragraph

Highlight the paragraph and click the wand icon. Prompt the AI writing assistant to summarize the highlighted text.


Create beautiful documents

Craft compelling documents for any audience with a world-class collaborative text editor.

a document in an internal product wiki

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Make my text note more visually appealing

Use rich formatting options to style your document. Organize information into tables, add colored callouts to alert the reader to important information, add images, and more.

Add a diagram to my text document

Embed a whiteboard in your note document. Add the process flow whiteboard template to your whiteboard and adjust it to fit your process.

Revert my document to an earlier version

Use the History button in the text editor toolbar to view and revert to previous versions — so you never need to worry about accidental overwriting.

Collaborate on documentation with my teammates

Use the collaborative text editor to work together in real time or asynchronously. Use inline comments gain alignment before publishing.


Build visual diagrams

Simplify complex concepts with visual diagrams. Use built-in whiteboard capabilities to illustrate data flows, processes, hierarchies, and more.

a diagram on a whiteboard within the Fredwin Cycling product wiki

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Build and share a timeline

Use advanced shapes on whiteboards to create timeline — using progress bars, milestones, and annotations to add the appropriate context to each phase of your plan.

Create diagrams

Use shapes and connectors to build out diagrams. Start from scratch or use a template to get going quickly.


Manage documentation access

Share and collaborate with anyone while keeping your product information secure.

a document's share menu in an internal product wiki

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Share a document with someone outside my account

Access your document's Share menu and send an email invitation to a guest or generate a link you can share with them.

Require a password to access my knowledge base

Set a password for any published knowledge base from your knowledge base settings (available on the Aha! Knowledge Advanced plan).


Integrate with Aha! Roadmaps

Go seamlessly from planning and building new functionality to documenting exactly how it works — in one central place.

A feature in Aha! Roadmaps open to its Research tab

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Turn the sticky notes on my whiteboard into ideas in my Aha! account

Right-click selected sticky notes to convert whiteboard objects into records that can be added to your product roadmap.

Quickly write and publish release notes to my knowledge base

Draft AI-powered release notes from a release or list report of features. Then publish them to your knowledge base from your workspace documents.

Link my documentation to work items in Aha! Roadmaps

Use the Research tab on features and ideas to link directly to notes and whiteboards in your account.

Include Aha! Roadmaps reports in my meeting notes

Embed Aha! views directly into your meeting notes to view live data and focus conversations during your meeting.


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