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Process flow diagram

Illustrate the sequence of steps, activities, and interactions within a process or system

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About the process flow diagram

A process flow diagram maps the steps in a process using symbols, arrows, and connectors. You can use it for any type of sequential process or customer interaction throughout a product's lifecycle.

For instance, you might outline how customers discover and start using your product. Or visualize how customers use different features. It can also be super useful for highlighting steps that customers take when they encounter a problem — such as troubleshooting or reaching out to customer support.

Of course, you can use the diagram for internal processes or systems as well. Try it the next time you want to depict any sort of journey and work together to make it better.

How to use

Capture a comprehensive view of a process to identify potential bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

  1. Visualize your process Map the steps in the process in a logical order from start to finish. Use swimlanes to delineate different parts of your process or who does what within it.

  2. Mark decision points Indicate when a decision is required by adding a diamond shape. Add clear labels to explain the conditions that lead to different branches of the process.

  3. Use consistent formatting The pre-formatted shape library helps you establish a consistent color scheme and line styles to enhance the coherence of your diagram.

  4. Share with others Make your diagram accessible to team members and stakeholders to communicate how the process works, provide a visual reference, and identify opportunities for improvement.

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