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Aha! Ideas helps you crowdsource feedback, prioritize ideas, and gain customer empathy. You can also assign work, set due dates, and manage your own tasks so you and the team stay on schedule.

The My work page gives you a view of all the work assigned to you and records you have created, with a dropdown to show you work assigned to other users in your Aha! Ideas account.

Because so many users use the My work page to organize their work, it is a common choice for a personal home page. You can set your personal home page in Settings ⚙️ Personal Home page.

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Access the My work page

To find your My work page, hover over your profile picture at the top-right of the navigation bar and click My work.

From here, you can see all the work assigned to you across your account — including the due dates and status of each record. You can also view other users' assigned work using the User dropdown.

Your experience of the My work page depends on your Aha! Ideas user permissions. Workspace owners and contributors can manage all record types from the My work page. Reviewers and viewers can manage ideas and to-dos since other record types cannot be assigned to them, although the two user permission levels approach ideas and to-dos differently.


The All work view

The All work view is a summary view of all the ideas and to-dos assigned to you, sorted by date. Use this view to scan the work you are responsible for, along with your work's status. You can also create Aha! Ideas records here, including personal to-dos.

To focus on a particular record type, you can either collapse other record types on the All work view or click one of the specific record type views on the left side of the page.



Manage your checklist of to-dos and filter them by time frame to see what needs to be done and when. You can see to-dos assigned to you as well as to-dos associated with records you have permission to see. You can also see the status of tasks you have assigned to others and create new ones. This helps you manage cross-functional deliverables and keep your plans on track.



View a quick list of all ideas assigned to you as well as information on the idea status and the number of votes. Click on any idea to open its drawer view.


Personal notes

You can use personal notes for anything — ideas you do not want to forget, meetings you need to prepare for, or plans that are not yet ready to share with the rest of your team.

There are two different ways to view your personal notes from the My work page — the List view and the Calendar view. Use the toggle to navigate between the views. In the List view, click the + icon next to My notes to create a new personal note. Click the + button from the Calendar view to create a new note that is populated with the date. Add a date to a personal note or to any workspace note you are following to make it appear on your Calendar view. Workspace or team notes you are following that have dates added will appear on your Calendar view as well.

Once created, you can organize your notes just as you would workspace or team notes. When you are ready to share a personal note with your teammates, click the More options button in the top-right corner of the note and select Move note.


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