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Once you have created an ideas portal, the Ideas Overview page will populate with real-time summary data about the ideas that have been submitted. Use it to manage submitted ideas and prioritize the best ideas.

Your Ideas Overview page is yours to customize. Add fields to the Ideas custom layout — including custom fields — to change the information you see when you access or submit an idea from within your Aha! Ideas account.

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Ideas status chart

At the top of the page, you will see a breakdown of all ideas in your portal by Status.

Hover over any section of the pie chart to see more details about a particular status. Click on any section of the chart or the name of any status on the right to generate a pre-filtered list report of all ideas in that status.

If you are reviewing new ideas, clicking on the Needs review status would be a great way to start. Work your way through a focused list of ideas that you need to review and change their status as you go.


Submitted ideas chart

Below the idea status chart, you will see a timeline of your Ideas submissions per day for the last 30 days.

Hover over any day to see the total ideas submitted on that day. In the lower-left corner, you will see the total number of ideas ever submitted to your portal.


Public comments

Below the submitted ideas chart, you will see the Public comments section. This is a chronological list of all public comments to ideas in your portal.

If you are an administrator with customization permissions, click any user's name or avatar to be taken to their Portal user settings in Settings ⚙️ Account Configure ideas portals [Portal] Portal users. From there, you can manage that user's profile.

Click on any idea's name to open the drawer view for that idea and adjust details as necessary.


Idea management sidebar

On the right side of the Ideas Overview page, you will see a series of useful tools for managing your ideas.

Let's start at the top!

  • Ideas portals shows you any ideas portals linked to your current workspace. One of the benefits of ideas portals is that you can add as many portals as you need to the same workspace — but manage all ideas at the same time. This lets you control the ideas' visibility (who gets to see which ideas) without needing to maintain multiple lists of ideas.

  • Watchers shows you any Aha! Ideas users who are watching the Ideas Overview page and allows you to add more watchers if you like. Watchers receive notifications when users take action on the page. If you and a team manage the ideas for this portal, you can choose to be watchers and stay up to date on every change.

  • New shows you your six most-recently submitted ideas. Click any idea to open its detail drawer or click New to generate a list report of all ideas in your portal, sorted by Idea created at.

  • Popular shows you your six most popular ideas based on votes. You can see the votes next to each idea. Click an idea to open its detail drawer or click Popular to generate a list report of all ideas in your portal that have at least one vote, sorted by number of votes.

  • Top contributors shows you your eight top ideas portal users, based on the number of ideas they have submitted. You can see the number of ideas they have submitted to your portal beside their name. Click on any contributor's name to generate a list report of all ideas that user has created, sorted by Idea created at, or click Top contributors to generate a pivot table of all users for your ideas portal and a count of ideas they have submitted.


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