Create a whiteboard presentation

Share everything on your whiteboard with your team in presentation format. Just add your content to frames to prepare slides and present whenever you are ready.

Use our presentation slides whiteboard template to get going fast. This template has pre-sized frames in the optimal dimensions for presentation slides. It also includes different elements you might want to include in a presentation that you can customize to fit your use case.

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When you have one or more frames on your whiteboard, you will see a presentation icon on the right side panel. When you click it, the side panel will open to show you thumbnails of all the frames on your whiteboard. From here, you can reorder frames, hide frames from navigation, and present your frames. When you present your frames, each one will appear full-screen as a slide in your presentation.


Prepare your slides

To start from scratch, add frames to your whiteboard and add the content your want to present to the frames. To get a head-start on designing your presentation, add the presentation slides template to your whiteboard and customize it with your own content.

When you need to add a new slide, just add another frame to your whiteboard and insert the content you want to include.


Reorder slides

When you present your slides, they will be ordered in your presentation according to where they are physically located on your whiteboard (from left to right and top to bottom). Navigate to the Frames section of the right side panel and drag and drop your frames into the order you would like them to appear when you present.


Exclude a frame from your presentation

If you have a frame on your whiteboard that you do not want to include in your presentation, you do not have to delete it — you can hide it instead. Select the frame you want to exclude and click the Visibility icon in its toolbar to control whether it appears in frame navigation. From the Frames section of the right side panel, you can right-click the frame you want to exclude and select Hide frame. When hidden, the frame will not appear in your presentation.

A whiteboard frame showing that it is hidden from frame navigation


Deliver your presentation

Ready to present? Great! Click the Present icon at the right of your screen to open the Frames side panel. Then click Present. Your first frame will appear fullscreen. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard move to the next or previous slide. Hit the Escape key on your keyboard to exit the presentation and return to the whiteboard when you are finished.

A Fredwin Cycling presentation on a whiteboard showing an agenda

When you are finished presenting, use the Escape key on your keyboard exit presentation mode and return to your whiteboard.


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