March 12, 2024 Announcing Aha! Whiteboards and Aha! Knowledge

An image announcing the launch of Aha! Whiteboards and Aha! Knowledge

Product teams need a unified approach to product development. Over the last few years, we expanded our product suite to provide best-in-class functionality at every stage of that process — so product builders everywhere can plan, build, and deliver lovable software.

Aha! customers have recently shared two evolving needs with us. You want to work more effectively with the broader team to drive product innovation. And you want more ways to share relevant product information with colleagues and customers.

Aha! software already provided virtual whiteboards and written notes to address some of those requirements. This functionality was also combined in a standalone product called Aha! Notebooks. But in our conversations with you, it became increasingly clear that exploring early-stage thinking and documenting product information are discrete activities. So, we are sunsetting Aha! Notebooks and splitting the functionality into two new products.

Today, we introduce Aha! Whiteboards and Aha! Knowledge — dedicated offerings that serve different phases of product development.

We are heavily investing in both areas to increase the value we provide customers. This launch sets the stage for even more innovative functionality that will help strengthen your product development work. Here is how to think about the two new products:

  • Aha! Whiteboards provides a visual space for early-stage thinking — define user flows, create mockups, and collaborate on initial plans.

  • Aha! Knowledge provides an easy way to share documents with colleagues and customers — via an internal wiki or a self-serve product knowledge base.

What does this mean for existing customers? Both new products have two plans: Essentials and Advanced. All Aha! Roadmaps accounts still have access to nearly all of the essential whiteboarding and notes functionality that you enjoyed prior to this announcement. You can find this under the new Knowledge tab (formerly Notebook) in your workspace.

Starting today, you can choose to upgrade all users in your Aha! account to include Aha! Whiteboards Advanced and/or Aha! Knowledge Advanced capabilities. The functionality below is just the beginning — we are rapidly developing new features based on early feedback from customer conversations.

Aha! Whiteboards Advanced

Aha! Knowledge Advanced


  • Wireframing

  • Team voting

  • Countdown timer

  • Unlimited product knowledge bases

  • Private or public access control

  • Unlimited site users

  • Custom branding

  • Publishing controls

Account upgrade

$9 per user per month

$20 per user per month

(*Any wireframes previously created in your account will still be accessible on your whiteboards. You will need to upgrade to Aha! Whiteboards Advanced to access the interactive components in the Shapes menu.)

Note that the ability to create custom whiteboard and note templates is still available in your account, even though this is now included in Aha! Whiteboards Advanced and Aha! Knowledge Advanced plans.

For customers with an Aha! Roadmaps Enterprise or Enterprise+ plan, upgrading also enables you to add dedicated users of the two new products to your account — so cross-functional teammates can contribute to and benefit from the product team's work. Aha! Whiteboards Advanced add-on users are $18 per user per month, and Aha! Knowledge Advanced add-on users are $59 per user per month.

Let's take a closer look at what is included with the new advanced plans:

Aha! Whiteboards Advanced

An image showing templates and other functionality in Aha! Whiteboards

As a reminder, the essential whiteboarding capabilities in your Aha! account provide everything you need to brainstorm and refine product concepts:

Upgrade your account to include more sophisticated whiteboard functionality:

  • Create beautiful wireframes with a library of configurable components for different types of mockups (such as phone, tablet, or browser).

  • Invite colleagues to vote for ideas captured on a whiteboard. Set the maximum number of votes per person, start a timer, and see the results.

  • Use a timer to keep collaborative sessions on track. Set the desired amount of time in minutes and seconds, and then get to work

Give everyone in your organization the ability to create and collaborate on whiteboards — without adding each person as a full Aha! Roadmaps user. These individual Whiteboards Advanced users can access whiteboards in selected workspaces, view Aha! records linked within whiteboards (such as ideas and features), and receive to-dos.

See more of what you can do with Aha! Whiteboards in today's product announcement Read the blog post.


Aha! Knowledge Advanced

An image showing a published knowledge base and an internal wiki

The essential documentation capabilities in your Aha! account provide everything you need to centralize your product information:

  • Set up an internal wiki, using folders to organize everything logically.

  • Quickly craft compelling documents using the AI-powered writing assistant.

  • Style your content with rich formatting options such as color, bullets, and tables.

  • Co-create content with the team and use inline comments to streamline reviews.

  • Embed Aha! views (such as roadmaps and reports) in notes for additional context.

Upgrade your account to include Aha! Knowledge Advanced functionality:

  • Select documents in your workspace and publish them as a private or public knowledge base in minutes.

  • Customize the title of each knowledge base site, include your company logo, and set a theme color to match your brand identity.

  • Share the link to each knowledge base with an unlimited number of customers and colleagues.

  • Manage how documents are published — choose whether to make changes instantly viewable in your knowledge base or keep them in draft mode until you are ready.

  • Autogenerate release notes using existing information in Aha! Roadmaps and publish them directly to your new knowledge base.

Add customer success team members to your account as individual Aha! Knowledge Advanced users. Collaborate together to craft new product documents and update existing ones. These users can access documents in selected workspaces, view relevant feature information, and leave comments to streamline the writing process.

See more of what you can do with Aha! Knowledge in today's product announcement Read the blog post.

The new advanced plans for Aha! Whiteboards and Aha! Knowledge are available now — opening up new ways to deliver value at each stage of product development.

Ready for more? Schedule time with our team for a demo. We would love to show you the possibilities and discuss how we can help you achieve exceptional outcomes for your customers.

Your feedback is critical as we continue to invest rapidly in these new products. Share your thoughts with us in the Aha! ideas portal. Stay up to date about additional functionality coming in the near future by subscribing to the Aha! newsletter and reading our weekly release notes.


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