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Build a product knowledge base

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Share information with customers and colleagues

Create unlimited private or public knowledge sites for different products and audiences

Document product information alongside your strategic plans
Bring everyone involved in creating lovable product documentation together
Eliminate the need for standalone internal wiki and knowledge base tools

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Knowledge Advanced workspaces

Build a knowledge base in minutes

Select any documents in your workspace and publish them as part of a private or public knowledge site. Add as many folders as you need to organize documents in a logical way. Share the link to each knowledge base with colleagues and customers — so they can easily access technical guides, how-to articles, best practices, process flows, and more.

Knowledge Advanced workspaces

Showcase your brand

It is important for a knowledge base to represent your company and product. That is why we make it easy to customize the title of each knowledge base site that you publish. You can also include your company logo and set a theme color to match your identity. Add buttons and links to help your community quickly navigate to other important resources.

We can all just stay in Aha! rather than jumping around amongst a cobbled-together assortment of disparate tools. It’s a real productivity boost.

Bruce Johnson

Former COO and co-founder, FullStory

Knowledge Advanced workspaces

Manage how documents are published

Control how you publish new documents and edit existing ones. Choose whether to make changes instantly viewable in your knowledge base or keep them in draft mode until you are ready. This gives you full control over what information is visible and allows the team to review content edits before pushing them live.

Knowledge Advanced workspaces

Work together

Empower everyone involved in creating product documents to collaborate in one place. When you upgrade your Aha! Roadmaps account, you unlock the ability to add individual Aha! Knowledge Advanced users. You might have customer success team members who you want to work on new documents and collaboratively update existing ones. Users can also browse through each section of Aha! Roadmaps — including strategy, releases, ideas, features, and roadmaps — in selected workspaces to view your product plans.

Top Aha! Knowledge Advanced capabilities

Create unlimited sites

Build as many self-serve knowledge sites as you need for different products and audiences.

Control site access

Make each site private or public to share content with customers and colleagues.

Add unlimited users

Give an unlimited number of users access to each knowledge base.

Apply custom branding

Customize each knowledge site with your logo and colors to make it an extension of your brand.

Add buttons and links to help your community quickly navigate to other important resources

Manage publishing workflows

Make changes instantly viewable in your knowledge base or keep them in draft mode until you are ready to publish.

Set user permissions

Specify exactly who can access and edit documents in your workspace with sophisticated user controls.

Draft with AI

Select a set of completed features, use AI to create release notes, and then publish in your knowledge base.

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