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Aha! Whiteboards Advanced

Create beautiful wireframes

Mock up new user experiences. Choose from a library of configurable components to quickly convey how new functionality should work. Select the type of screen you are designing and then insert buttons, navigation menus, checkboxes, and more to align on the best approach.

Aha! Whiteboards Advanced

Invite colleagues to vote

Align on priorities. Capture ideas on a whiteboard with sticky notes and then start a voting session. Set the maximum number of votes per person and watch as votes come in. End the session to see how the votes tally up and who voted for each idea. Schedule as many voting sessions as you need to gain stakeholder alignment.

Having whiteboards available within Aha! software helps us consolidate our product development tools and bring all of our planning into one environment.

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Aha! Whiteboards Advanced

Set a countdown timer

Keep brainstorming and planning sessions on track. Set the desired amount of time in minutes and seconds and then get to work. Everyone on the whiteboard can see the timer — creating a sense of urgency and focus. Stop and restart the session at any time or add more time as needed.

Integrate with Jira

Add Jira records directly to your whiteboard. Records appear as cards — along with details such as issue type, ID, summary, and status. This makes it easy to plan program increments and sprints with the team and then quickly update the details back in Jira.

Aha! Whiteboards Advanced

Add individual whiteboard users

Give everyone in your organization a visual space to innovate. Add individual Aha! Whiteboards Advanced users to your account — so the broader team can create and collaborate on whiteboards in one place. Users can also browse through each section of Aha! Roadmaps — including strategy, releases, ideas, features, and roadmaps — in selected workspaces to view your product plans.

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