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Use Aha! Whiteboards as an integrated part of Aha! Roadmaps to turn concepts into work items in a couple of clicks. You can convert shapes, sticky notes, or text boxes to Aha! ideas, features, epics, initiatives, or goals. Once converted, you can open up the record detail drawer directly from the whiteboard to adjust the details. Those records will exist on your product roadmap and in your whiteboard — and you can view and adjust details in either place.

convert a sticky note to a feature on a whiteboard

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Convert a whiteboard object

To convert a whiteboard object to an Aha! record:

  • Click the object.

  • Select the More options button or right-click on the object and select Convert to [record type].

  • Select the Workspace or (for features and epics) the Release where you want your record to be added. You can select any workspace, workspace line, or release that you have access to.

  • Edit the record's Name.

  • Click Create [record type].

You will find your newly created record in the workspace that you selected when converting it. A link to the whiteboard where the record originated will be added in its Related tab.

On your whiteboard, an object that has been converted to a record will display a drawer icon in its lower left corner. Clicking the link will open the record's drawer view, where you can edit and update the record's details.


View the converted object as a record card

If you would prefer the converted object to appear as a record on your whiteboard:

  • Select the object and click the Shape icon in the far left of its toolbar.

  • Select the Record shape.

The record shape will provide additional information like the record's type, ID, product value score, and assignee.

Have a lot of converted objects? Select all of them to change them to record shapes all together.


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