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Aha! Develop | Introduction to reports (Advanced plan)

Your team's decisions are only as good as the data that informs them. Reports in Aha! Develop visualize your team's ability to complete work efficiently and suggest your capacity to commit to more. Use them to uncover insights and highlight performance trends for either your entire team or individual members.

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Report drill-in

Reports in Aha! Develop show you at-a-glance insights. If you want to dig deeper, hover over a data point for an event summary. Click on a data point to generate a pre-built list report of the affected records and events. You can adjust this list report for further analysis, then close the tab when you are ready to return to the original report.


Burndown chart

Use the burndown chart to track sprint progress. Each sprint detail view includes a burndown of the current sprint. For deeper analysis, navigate to Reports Burndown and report on a past or current sprint. You can filter any burndown chart by individual team members, or focus on your entire team's progress.


Velocity report

Use the velocity report to analyze your team's capacity. Whether you estimate in time or story points, historical velocity will suggest the amount of work your team should commit to in the next sprint. By default, the velocity report shows your average estimates completed for the last six sprints and for your entire team. You can filter it for a different time frame or for specific team members.


Throughput report

Use the throughput report to visualize your team's performance trends. If your team uses the workflow board, this report will show you how much work your team completes in an average week. By default, the throughput report shows your entire team's throughput over the last six weeks. You can filter it for a different time frame or for specific team members.


Cycle time report

Use the cycle time report understand how quickly your team delivers new functionality and forecast future performance. This report works for teams that rely on either sprints or the workflow board, and includes several filters to help you focus on the appropriate time period and work. Filter the report for a specific workflow status range, record type, or tag.


Work delivered report

Use the work delivered report to visualize completed records from an Aha! Roadmaps workspace — or expand it to visualize any records affected by a particular record event type. Filter it by Time frame, Team, or Event type, then save and share it with interested stakeholders.


Value delivered report

Use the value delivered report to highlight the product value that your team has delivered over a given time period. Group records by a particular release or strategic initiative, filter for specific record types, individual team members, or time frame. Click on any column to open a pre-built work delivered report of individual records, or stay in a high-level view of the value your team has delivered.


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