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You can view an audit history of actions and events that have taken place throughout your account. History helps teams work transparently by providing a transcript of the changes that were made, when the changes were made, and the users who made the changes.

A document's version history

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View a document's version history

To see historical versions of a document, click into a note's body and click the View history icon on the text editor toolbar. You will be able to see different versions of your document. Each version will show any changes from the previous version highlighted, along with the avatar and username of the person who made the changes.

To restore your document to a previous version, select one of the historical versions of your document and choose Revert to this version.

To see history about when a document was created and by whom, along with other record changes to the document, scroll to the bottom of the document and access its History tab.


View account history

Administrators with account-level permissions can view all activity in your account. Navigate to Settings ⚙️ Account All activity to open the History page. You can filter the History page by time frame, user, or workspace.

To view your own activity, click your avatar or initials in the upper right of your screen and select History. Use the Workspaces filter to narrow in on the activity you want to see.

No one but you can see updates to your personal documents.


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