This article discusses functionality that is included in the Aha! Knowledge Advanced plan. Please contact us if you would like a live demo or want to try using it in your account.

Aha! Knowledge | Knowledge base SSO with Salesforce

Salesforce has the ability to function as an identity provider for your knowledge base using SAML 2.0. This enables your colleagues who work in Salesforce to access the documentation they need — without having to remember another user name and password.

How it works

When a user navigates to the knowledge base, they will be presented with the option to authenticate to the knowledge base via SSO only. If they are already logged in to the SSO provider, they will automatically be logged in to your knowledge base without any additional actions.


Enable Salesforce as an identity provider

To do this, follow the instructions on Salesforce's knowledge base.

The configuration described in this support document establishes a SAML based authentication where your Salesforce community users are able to use their Salesforce community credentials to log into your Aha! knowledge base. Top


We have created an article to help you troubleshoot common SSO configuration issues, complete with explanations and resolutions.

The best place to start in most of these situations is the Recent SSO events for your SSO configuration, at the bottom of the configuration page. Those messages will help diagnose and solve the problem.


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