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Keep your documents organized to ensure easy navigation and quick access to information. Use folders and document hierarchies to organize your documentation in the way it makes the most sense for you and your audience.

a workspace with documents in folders and parent-child nested hierarchies

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Folders are the simplest way to keep your documents organized. It is simply a container to keep certain documents together.

To add a folder, click Add and select Folder. Name your new folder. Then drag and drop it into the desired place in your document hierarchy.


Parent and child documents

Parent and child documents are organized similarly to systems of folders. The difference is that instead of having a folder as a container for a group of documents, one document serves as the parent document with child documents nested below it. This sets up a nested document hierarchy. Unlike a folder, you can edit a parent document as it is a document itself. Think of a parent document as the front page for a collection of documents.

To nest one document under another, click and drag it on top of another document. To remove a document from a parent-child relationship, click and drag it to a new location.


Reorder documents

To reorder a document, drag and drop it to your preferred order. If you drag a parent document, all nested child documents under it will come with it.

When you drag a document to a new location, blue bars in your account will show you where it will land in order.

  • A thin blue bar means your documents will exist above or below another document in the order.

  • A thick blue bar means that your note will be nested another document in the order.


Sort documents

Right-click a folder or parent document to sort its contents by Name or Date created.


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