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Aha! Whiteboards | Workspace settings

Workspace-level settings affect a particular workspace or workspace line in your Aha! account. This article will explain each workspace setting. Open your workspace settings by navigating to Settings ⚙️ Workspace.

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Document access

All users with reviewer permissions for a workspace can view that workspace's whiteboards. Here, you can configure whether reviewers can also edit those whiteboards.

  • Select View if you only want reviewers to be able to view whiteboards.

  • Select Edit to allow reviewers to be able to edit workspace whiteboards. Click Update workspace configuration to save your changes.

Once your changes are saved, document access settings will be applied to all whiteboards in your workspace. You can change access settings for reviewers on individual whiteboards without changing them for all users. To change reviewer access on a single document, open its Share menu and use the dropdown next to Reviewers to select Edit or View.


Document templates

Custom whiteboards templates are available on the Whiteboards Advanced plan.

Whiteboard templates provide a ready-to-use format for the types of whiteboards you create most.

Aha! Whiteboards offers a library of whiteboard templates to choose from when you create a new document. If you have specific details pertinent to your team that you want to include in a whiteboard, create your own custom templates here. Shared templates can be inherited from a workspace line, so you can drive consistency across teams and establish a standard approach for capturing information.

If you want to share a template across multiple teams, we recommend creating it at the highest level in your hierarchy so that it can be inherited by any workspace lines and workspaces within it. You must be a workspace contributor to add a document template.

Click Add document template to create a whiteboard template.

When you are ready to use a whiteboard template you have created, you will find it in the Workspace section of your template library.


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