April 17, 2020 release notes


This week, we added proxy voting to private ideas portals. Now, your internal teams — such as sales and support — can vote for ideas on behalf of customers and add critical business details.


  • You can now report on your account's workspace settings. Navigate to Settings ⚙️ Workspace, then click View report to access the prebuilt list report.

    • View more workspace settings on your report by clicking Customize view Edit data and adding fields from the Workspace settings table.

    • Switch to a pivot view to see your workspaces' settings organized into your workspace hierarchy.

    • Click on a setting to go straight to the settings page and change it.

  • If you export a saved report as an image, the exported file's name will now default to the name of the saved report.


  • When a user filtered a report for records where "assigned to user" was "is not blank," an issue was causing all records assigned to the default assignee to be filtered out.

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