September 18, 2020 release notes


  • Users with reviewer and viewer permissions can now access record history for all record types that they have access to.

  • Through the CSV import, you can now import many-to-many or many-to-one custom table relationship data to one-to-many custom table relationship fields on a record. For example, you can import a feature and any many-to-many or many-to-one links in the feature’s one-to-many custom table relationship field.

  • If you change the parent line goal that a goal rolls up to, that change will be reflected in the goal's history.

  • You will now be prevented from deleting a workflow if a workspace uses it for epic or requirement workflows.

  • When a new custom field is added to a record’s details layout, it will now also be added to its create layout, so it is immediately available when creating new records.

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