March 27, 2020 release notes


This week, we added progress bars to the features roadmap. You can now display progress calculations for releases and features. If you have built your features roadmap around master features instead of releases, you can add progress bars for master features as well.


  • You can now map the Jira issue resolution field to Aha! as a one-way field mapping. This allows you to show an issue's status (e.g. Closed) as well as resolution (e.g. Won't Fix).
    Note: We recommend mapping Jira issue resolution to an Aha! custom field.

  • We made two improvements to equations in custom worksheets that involve custom table records:

    • If a custom field value on a custom table record changes, worksheet equations referring to that value through a many-to-many custom field will automatically refresh.

    • If a custom table record is added to or removed from a many-to-many custom field, worksheets equations referring to that custom table will automatically refresh.

  • The Subtitle field in ideas portals branding settings now uses the Aha! text editor. This means that you can format your ideas portal's subtitle without applying custom CSS if you choose.
    Note: If you do use custom HTML or custom CSS, those customizations will still apply.


  • When a release was dragged in a Gantt chart to create a new release date, the release date appeared to update but would revert to the original date when the page was refreshed.

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