August 21, 2014 release notes


  • Files can be dragged into any text field in Aha! and they will automatically be uploaded as an attachment.

  • Custom field filtering on the Features List and Features Detail views.

  • An option has been added to show the feature status on the Roadmap Timeline view.

  • Assignee information is now synced between Aha! and JIRA.

  • FogBugz integration supports pushing features and requirements from Aha! to FogBugz and receiving status updates as items are worked on.

  • When a new feature is added on the Features Board that feature is automatically opened in the drawer (from the right).

  • On the Releases Portfolio screen if all of the tasks are completed for a phase or milestone a green checkmark now shows to the left of the phase or milestone name.


  • When a custom fiscal quarter is set the external release date for weeks and half years now use the custom fiscal year.

  • Support for GitHub accounts with more than 100 repositories.

  • When a new release is added it needs to be selected to show on the Releases Portfolio timeline.

  • When deleting an attachment, a warning prompt has been added.

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