December 31, 2014 release notes


  • The Bitbucket integration allows you to push your completed features and requirements in Aha! into Bitbucket Issues. Bitbucket is is a free code DVCS hosting site for Git and Mercurial and is growing in popularity, so this integration was increasingly being requested and was an obvious addition.

    When you have completed your product roadmap and feature planning in Aha! you can move features into Bitbucket Issues for the engineering team to work on. You can send them individually or in bulk for a sprint or release.

    This makes it easy for product management to set brilliant product strategy and share visual roadmaps while engineering can continue to work in Bitbucket Issues.


  • On the Roadmap Timeline view, you can now add custom fields to visually communicate any feature data, in addition to the standard fields already available. Choose which fields to show under the Customize Features select list. Custom fields you've used to help prioritize and define your features will be available on this screen.

  • Viewers and reviewers can no longer create or use notebooks. They are members of the product team, but typically not responsible for communicating the visual roadmaps or reports. This ensures control of disseminating product information remains in the hands of the product managers or product owners.

  • The weekly email now includes a summary of the ideas portals.

  • Logos will automatically be resized for the notifications emails.

  • Features Board view now shows the initiative icon on the mini-card view so that you can easily see which features have been linked to which initiatives.

  • You can now import Idea "Categorizations" as part of the CSV import capability.

  • Initiatives can now map to EPICs in Pivotal Tracker. Choose from four mapping options:

    • Feature - Story, Requirement - Story

    • Feature - Epic, Requirement - Story

    • Feature - Story, Requirement - Task

    • Initiative - Epic, Feature - Story, Requirement - Task

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